Burned cars spotted in Imperial Beach

Neighbors worried someine is setting cars on fire
Posted at 11:21 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 02:28:03-05

Neighbors in Imperial Beach are nervous after burned out vehicles are popping up in their neighborhood.

Pablo took a picture of a burned out truck near Coronado Avenue and 17th Street.

"Charred down to where it's completely damaged and unusable."

He was shocked when he drove by another one a few seconds later.

"The head lamp was lit on fire, the hood you could tell the paint bubbled," he said. "And the driver side side view mirror had charred a little bit. So it was unsuccessful because the whole car didn't burn down. The first one was completely gone though."

He's worried someone is setting cars on fire because it's the third burned vehicle he's seen in three days.

"It seems to happen while everyone is sleeping," he said. "I had gone for a walk and I saw a 15, 16 passenger van when they had taken a pack of matches and a straw and some napkins and had tried to start a fire there as well."

Now he wants everyone to keep watch around their homes.

"Ignoring it is what allows these people to start showing up and hanging out," he said.

The sheriff's department says they have no received any reports of arson.