Broken streetlights upsets some in North Park

Posted at 6:40 AM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 09:40:06-05

SAN DIEGO - Some North Park residents say the city is ignoring their pleas to repair streetlights in their neighborhood that were knocked out by a recent storm.

North Park resident Carol reached out to 10News after a storm three weeks ago damaged the lights at a park on Oregon Street. For the past nine years, she has taken her dogs for walks in the area, but she's afraid to go out since there aren't any lights available.

"I've called three departments ? [and] nothing," she told 10News.

10News tried to contact city officials last Friday and on Monday, but officials have not returned calls.

"I'm scared. You know, it's scary for me and it's dangerous," Carol said.

After all the recent storms, Carol said several eucalyptus trees in the park came down.

"I was tripping over branches," she said.

Now, without the lights, she's had to change her route.

Carol said, "Normally, I would walk on the inside or sometimes cross, but because it's so dark, I'm too afraid ? It gets really dark and you just can't see anything. Somebody will come up on you and you don't even know they're there; it's frustrating."