Brazen Bay Park bike theft caught on camera

Posted at 7:05 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 09:30:01-04

A Bay Park resident is angry over a brazen theft that was captured on a surveillance camera.

Some of Josh Millar's bikes, worth thousands of dollars, are now gone after what turned out to be a two-day operation.

"First of all, I feel violated," said Millar. "[I'm] worried they would come back into my house."

Surveillance footage shows a man jumping over a gate at Millar's condominium complex to apparently scout the location.

"If that was his first day of being here, I don't think it was because he so casually hopped the fence and came straight to where he needed to be," said Millar.

Millar added, "The main guy that was walking around a lot … it looks like he has a bunch of tattoos on his arm and looks like a star, possibly."

The first man was seen in footage taking pictures on his phone of the mountain bikes on Millar's balcony.

The next day, the man brings a friend.

Both men leap the gate, and one leaps onto a balcony and hands the bikes to the other.

"Ah, you're looking at five feet," said Millar.

The drop, described by Millar as about 9 feet, is cleared by the man.

"You kind of can see where he jumps over and kind of hanging on to the rail because it was jump to get there and pull himself over," said Millar. "By the time they actually started that process … 10 seconds maybe … it was pretty quick."

Millar just started a business run out his condo called UPG Mobile Marketing Group.

”And for it, it was just a little more personal," said Millar.

He used those bikes every day.

"I sold my truck and decided to just go with public transportation and ride my bike to local businesses to get work," he told 10News.

Now he wants to get the word out.

"Create awareness because if they're that comfortable doing it here, they can go anywhere and do the exact same thing," said Millar.

Millar doesn't expect to get the bikes back and he would like to make sure the guys are caught. He posted the video on YouTube and Nextdoor.

If you have any information or recognize the two men, you're asked to call San Diego police.