Potrero community fuming over fiery deaths

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 16:19:34-04

POTRERO, Calif. -- Residents in the southeast San Diego County community of Potrero are expressing their frustration over what they are calling an improper response from authorities to a couple who was reported missing and later found dead during the scorching Border Fire. 

“I'm pissed, I'm really pissed and I want somebody's head," a Potrero resident told 10News Thursday.

The sentiment comes after two Potrero residents, Jim Keefe and his girlfriend Kyrie, were found dead from the wildfire.  

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Angry Potrero residents believe San Diego County Sheriff's deputies didn’t start looking for the couple until it was too late.

County supervisor Diane Jacobs and sheriff's officials listened, during a meeting designed to hear community members' complaints, as neighbors said the deputies who handled the deadly fire were dismissive and rude when the couple's neighbors asked if anyone was searching for them.

10News cameras were there as emergency workers carried the bodies out of the burned area nearly two weeks after the fire started.

Deputies say they didn't start the search until Tuesday because they didn't have enough information about where the couple could be.

Neighbors aren't buying it.

“I sat down personally with an officer and told him that I suspected they could have gotten burned on the hillside. We seen their dogs coming from there and asked if they could please go up there and check. That didn't happen," Iris Gardner said.

Sheriff's deputies say they plan to investigate the concerns and provide answers very soon.