Bonita man hangs reward signs after family home was burgled

Posted at 5:31 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 20:31:37-04

BONITA (KGTV) - A Bonita man is seeking the public's help to find the people responsible for ransacking his family home last Tuesday night.

Michael Currier grew up on San Miguel Road in Bonita and once you understand his family's history it's easy to see why this home means so much.

A couple doors down is where his mother and uncles were raised, at grandpa's house. His mother stayed close to care for grandma who had Alzheimer's and when the house went on the market, Currier and his wife pulled together what they could to keep it in the family.

They bought the home in 2013 and have been renovating. He and his wife are now taking care of his mother, who also has Alzheimer's, so they weren't home last Tuesday night.

Currier came home Wednesday and found it barren. All the construction tools in each room, gone. Incredibly rare parts he was using to build specialty motorcycles, gone too. Shelves full of black bins barren, with dust outlining where they sat for years.

"The parts that were stolen are irreplaceable. Those motorcycles, I'll never be able to work on again," Currier said.

Currier worked as a contractor to pay for nursing school, and collected tools since he was 15. While he's glad no one was hurt from the break-in, what he lost was more than items on a list.

"Definitely makes you feel a little uncomfortable in your own house in your own neighborhood which is frustrating especially when you grew up in this area and this has always been a home, a safe place," he said.

He filed a report with the San Diego County Sheriff's Office and they are looking into the incident.

In the meantime, Currier's resorted to hanging signs, with a reward for information, around the neighborhood.

"It sounds like there's been multiple burglaries in the area recently. The police came out, they were nice and helpful but no fingerprints were taken. It just doesn't seem like anything's going to come of this and I don't fault the police for that, I know that they have their hands full and they have so many other things going on. I just figured if I could do something on my own, I'd like to. I figured if I put a reward out there maybe someone would come forward and if the person who did it comes forward, I'll give them the $5,000 they clearly need help," Currier said he thinks the criminals were on drugs as they were haphazard in what they stole and how they ransacked the house.

Currier wants the people responsible caught so no one else faces his loss, and so he can gain some peace of mind.

Currier said over the past year he's heard of more issues, like car break-ins. Neighbors are concerned development in the area is bringing more people through the neighborhood and the campground nearby is a hotspot for vagrants.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Office said there's been three vehicle incidents in the past 30 days: two thefts, where items were stolen from unlocked cars, and one break-in.