Black Friday shoppers already camped out since Monday

Posted at 11:14 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 02:35:36-05

Black Friday diehards are already camping out in front of San Diego-area Best Buy stores.

Gina Serrano and her family are first in line with their large tent in front of the Mission Valley Best Buy. 

“Wow, this our fifth year,” Serrano said.

To be the first in line for Black Friday, you have to get there early. Serrano said she and four other family members got there on Monday.

She says it's really about the tickets. You have to be physically present when Best Buy employees hand them out and they don't give warning about when they'll be giving them. 

And there's no taking a break. If you leave for a bit, like Serrano did two years ago, you won't get your spot back. Once you've got the ticket, you're in. 

“(We're) trying desperately to find out some intel, any one of the employees, if they will give us a leak,” Serrano said.

It looks like she’s spending Thanksgiving right here.

“I planned to be home on Thanksgiving." Serrano said. "I thought I would have the tickets again."

The rules are: one ticket per person, one big item per ticket and kids get a ticket too.

Best Buy opens at 5 a.m. Friday.