Bicyclists could soon be able to roll through stop signs

Bicyclists could roll through stop signs
Posted at 9:32 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 01:40:18-04

Bike riders may no longer have to stop at "stop signs" if a new law passes in California.

Randy Van Vleck is an avid bike rider.

"This is the bike I use to get to work, to go out and do shopping," he said. "Downtown, Southeast San Diego, Chula Vista... Wherever I need to go."

Van Vleck is a strong supporter of bike yielding.

"Person on a bike, rolls up to an intersection, they slow down, they wait for it to be clear, they yield the right of way," he said, describing AB 1103, a bill that would allow bike riders to yield at stop signs.

As a bike rider and a member of the bicycle coalition of San Diego, he said the bike yielding law would make roads safer for everyone.

"We're going to have more people biking around, there's going to be more eye contact on the street," Van Vleck said. 

The law would only apply to stop signs. Bicyclists would still have to make full stops at red lights.

Opponents say it could make it dangerous for motorists and pedestrians. They believe cyclists could end up running through intersections, creating more opportunity for collisions.

But Van Vleck does not agree.

"It requires bicyclists to yield the right of way," he said. "It doesn't allow bikes to just roll through and plow through the intersection."

Whether the law goes into effect or not, Van Vleck said the increase in bike riding is making an impact in our communities.

"By making bicycling efficient and easier to do so, we're going to have healthier, safer communities," he said. 

The Assembly Committee on Transportation discussed the bill in their May 8 meeting. Read the notes, here: