Man says beach sign in Encinitas is incorrect

Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 23:09:30-04

An Encinitas man is on a mission to change the name of one of the county's most popular surf spots.

Doug Fiske says the current name of Beacon's Beach is grammatically incorrect. 

"This place is called Beacon. One beacon," says Fiske, referring to a lone beacon that once provided aeronautical guidance during the World War II era. He added that it was an inanimate object and can't possess anything. 

But locals are still calling the Leucadia beach Beacon's Beach. After all, it's what the decades-old sign at the entrance says. Fiske, who has surfed at the beach for decades, says he's irked every time he walks by. 

Now, he wants the city to remove the apostrophe and the 'S' from the sign. The Encinitas City Council will consider the proposal at its meeting Wednesday. The city hasn't analyzed how much it would cost, but the owner of a local Ace Hardware told 10News it could be about $200 in tolls and paint, plus 10 hours of work.

"That money could be way better spent here at Beacon's at some sort of improvement to the bluff," said Bob Edwards, a longtime Encinitas surfer. 

But Fiske scoffs at that price tag. 

"It would take a guy 10 or 15 minutes to grind that apostrophe and S over there, dab a little white paint on it, and that'd be it," he said. 

Fiske says if the cost is such a big issue, he'll do it himself. He says respecting history is too important, because that original beacon is long gone.