Barrio Logan memorial also blasts Measures C, D

Posted at 5:52 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 20:52:12-05

SAN DIEGO - A new memorial in Barrio Logan dedicated to the victims of a fatal crash last month is being used to push a political message.

"You can't come and just grab it anymore," said artist Mario Torero. "We have to protect ourselves here."

Some Barrio Logan residents say Measures C and D would mean more redevelopment of the area, increased traffic, congestion, and ultimately force them to move out of their beloved neighborhood.

The Chargers, who are backing Measure C, say they would engage the community and form committees to help manage the increases. Attorney Cory Briggs, who wrote Measure D, says the measure includes protections against that.

Both want to raise the tourist tax to pay for different projects, but they also include plans for new stadiums.

The new mural is on two walls of Diego and Son Printing on National Avenue, a block from Chicano Park.

One side includes a memorial to the four people who died when suspected drunken driver Richard Sepolio drove off a Coronado Bridge onramp and landed on a motorcycle event in the park. Around the corner are block letters saying "No on Measure C and D."

Johnny Solis said he was in Chicano Park five minutes before the accident. He said the juxtaposition is appropriate.

"This is something we are writing against the city, and this is something we are honoring in the community," he said. "The fight is the fight. Our honor, is our honor."

Both, now a part of Barrio Logan.