Balboa Park to expand its international cottages

Posted at 9:29 AM, Nov 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-19 12:29:50-05
SAN DIEGO -- Groundbreaking is scheduled Saturday for a project that will provide display space for nine countries at the international cottages in Balboa Park.
The project will consist of making nine new buildings -- four of which will be duplexes, with one standalone.
There are currently 19 other cottages with the oldest dating back to 1935. Each cottage represents a nation and provides a venue to showcase different cultures through, art, music and food.
Organizations that represent the cultures of many other countries, though, have had to rotate display space in the Hall of Nations, and have wanted their own buildings for years.
One duplex cottage and one single cottage will be added north of the Hall of Nations and House of Iran, according to a city staff report. The two new structures will join two existing buildings to form a central courtyard.
Three duplex cottages will be added south of the existing House of the United States and House of Ukraine cottages, the report said. The three new buildings and two existing buildings will also form a central courtyard.
The new buildings are designed to be similar to the current cottages in size and design, with enough differences so that they're not confused with the existing houses.
The City Council gave final approval for the project Monday night.