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Throwback school photos of ABC 10News anchors and reporters

Take a trip down memory lane with us
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Posted at 8:54 AM, Aug 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-14 16:08:56-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — You either loved school, or hated it. But one thing everyone can agree on is that looking back at photographs from that time is extremely nostalgic. There's something about the outfits, attitudes and the haircuts as all the memories come flooding back.

Check out childhood school photos of KGTV ABC 10News anchors and reporters!

Jared Aarons BTS

Jared Aarons, ABC 10News Morning Anchor

Natay Holmes BTS

Natay Holmes, ABC 10News Reporter

Marie Coronel BTS

Marie Coronel, ABC 10News Reporter

Austin Grabish BTS

Austin Grabish, ABC 10News Reporter

Wale Aliyu BTS

Wale Aliyu, ABC 10News Evening Anchor

Perla Shaheen BTS

Perla Shaheen, ABC 10News Reporter

Melissa Mejica BTS

Melissa Mecija, ABC 10News Investigative Reporter

Madison Weil BTS

Madison Weil, ABC 10News Reporter

Ben Higgins BTS

Ben Higgins, ABC 10News Sports Director

Vanessa Paz BTS

Vanessa Paz, ABC 10News Morning Meteorologist