10 homework tips to help your student succeed this school year

10 homework tips to help your student succeed this school year
Posted at 12:07 PM, Aug 08, 2017
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(KGTV)--Back to school means back to the homework grind for students and their parents.

We have some tips from Psychology Today, which says if assigned homework is excessive or too difficult for child's capabilities, it can backfire. 

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  • Remember to use sensori-motor techniques. This is especially important for fidgety kids. Try having them sit on an exercise ball or chew gum, which can help organize the nervous system. 
  • Set a timer. If your student has a hard time getting going on his homework, give them a realistic time period and issue a challenge: "How much can you get done in 20 minutes?" 
  • Talk to the teacher. If it seems to be taking your child much longer than it should to complete her homework, ask the teacher how long it should take. If the time it should take is unrealistic, ask the teacher to reduce it (assign only even numbers).
  • Give them a break. But not too long of a break. Kids need some down time after school so give them a healthy snack and let them unwind for a while. But it's still important to get the work done earlier rather than later. 
  • Use rewards and make them immediate. Offer to play a game with them after their homework is done. Or go out for a bike ride with them around the neighborhood. 
  • Get a tutor or homework buddy. Even if you don't think your student needs a tutor, kids can sometimes get more done when someone other than mom and dad are there to keep them on task. 
  • Create a productive homework space. The less visual and auditory distractions, the better. White noise, like soft classical music can help. 
  • No social media. Kids in middle and high school like to Skype and text while doing homework but it's an incredible time killer. 
  • Make yourself available. Sometimes students need help and if no one is nearby, they might give up and not get the work done. Don't do the work for them but be nearby to guide them and give positive feedback. 
  • No multitasking. Have your student work on one subject at a time and begin with the hardest subject. Multitasking with screen media is linked to poorer performance. 

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