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Making It in San Diego: Relief from housing crisis could come within 10 years

Posted at 5:54 PM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 21:04:14-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- San Diegans may start to feel meaningful relief from the housing crisis within 10 years, state Assemblyman Todd Gloria said Thursday.

Speaking to 10News before a forum on how to create housing for the middle class, Gloria said a series of new laws going into effect Jan. 1, and other efforts, could help bring relief to rising rents and home prices.

“I think it’s reasonable within the decade to see change on this, this problem has become so acute that people really are demanding solutions,” Gloria said. “I think a lot of my colleagues in the legislature also understand that they have to do something. What’s been done in recent history is not working.”

Gloria pointed to Governor-elect Gavin Newsom’s platform of radically increasing the amount of housing production in California. Gloria said he wants to pursue relaunching the state's redevelopment program, which paves the way for affordable housing.

He said a series of new laws will also take effect Jan. 1, including one that provides financial incentives to developers who build housing for middle-income earners near transit centers.

"You can pay your fees on a square footage basis rather than a per unit basis, that should result in some savings, and if done correclty at the right price points there can actually be less parking, which also saves costs,” Gloria said.
Still, there is a long way to go. The average rent in the county is now about $1,850 a month, and the median home price up to $560,000.

The San Diego Housing Commission says the city needs more than 15,000 housing units reserved for middle income earners by 2020, but only a fraction have been built.