Another "porch pirate" caught on camera stealing from a Mount Helix home

Products like The Ring help capture crooks
Posted at 6:17 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 21:17:49-04

Another “porch pirate” made off with someone’s delivery in Mount Helix Thursday.  The homeowners were able to record the theft with a camera embedded in their doorbell.

Amy Fago said the video showed a white woman approach her front door, look inside their window, pick up a box, and sprint back up her driveway.

“You feel so invaded and it’s just not a good feeling that someone’s on your property, stealing your stuff,” said Fago.

The woman disappears behind a fence and then a white SUV drives off.

“You feel frustrated but you feel excited that you actually have like video,” she said.

Fago and her husband posted the video on Facebook and contacted the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

It’s just the latest theft caught on camera thanks to products like The Ring.

Chula Vista Police said it’s important for homeowners to report the crime.  They can’t investigate the theft just because it’s posted on Facebook.  Police added it could help tie a series of crimes together.  San Diego Police added the videos and pictures certainly help investigators convict a thief.

In Fago’s case, the woman in the video stole $40 worth of LED bathroom lightbulbs.

Fago worried more thefts like this are happening because more people are shopping on-line and increasing the availability of boxes left on front porches.