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PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding White Privilege and What it Means to be Anti-Racist

Posted at 9:50 AM, Jul 14, 2020

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- In the face of racial tension across the country, news reports and national panels frequently use terms such as "white privilege" and "anti-racist." What do these terms mean? How do you become “anti-racist"?

Also, what do they mean in the context of our own community?

ABC 10NEWS is teaming up with LEAD San Diego and JONES to bring you a live panel discussion series on the issues surrounding our community.

On July 15, at 2 p.m., we're going to hear from experts who will help us understand what these terms mean and how we can take action in our daily lives against racist actions.

LEAD and JONES are bringing together local leaders Jordan Harrison, Lori Nelson, and Gyasi Redding for a conversation about how we talk about race, privilege, and being anti-racist.

WATCH here on ABC 10News or join the conversation on Facebook at

The one-hour panel discussion starts at 2PM.