Woman who attacked North Park barber sentenced to prison

Posted at 3:39 PM, Jan 09, 2017

SAN DIEGO — A woman who pulled a semiautomatic firearm on a stylist last year after a receiving a haircut she said she wasn't satisfied with has been sentenced to state prison. 

Adrian Blanche Swain pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon after she pulled the trigger three times in February 2016 at the 619 Barber Shop in North Park.

The loaded gun jammed and the victim was unharmed. Other employees of the barber shop held Swain down until police arrived. 

He spoke in court about what Swain said to him: 

"She asked me to shoot her in the head. My co-worker answered her 'We're not going to shoot you, we're going to pray for you.'"

Her defense attorney argued that Swain suffered from mental illness and a terrible upbringing in Texas. 

Judge Michael Groch imposed a sentence of nine years of state prison.