Lake Berryessa drainage pipe makes for some epic skateboarding

Posted at 10:20 AM, Feb 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 13:20:50-05

With the recent rains in California and flooding, the drain in Lake Berryessa can be seen in use when the lake reaches above 440 feet above sea level.

On the other side of the drain is a large full pipe that adventurous action sports athletes attempt to ride when it is dry.

The Glory Hole is a 30 foot diameter spillway pipe (approximately 700 feet in length) that comes down off Lake Berryessa, near Winters, Calif.

It's a massive, perfectly transitioned, ridable full-pipe, that is sought after by just as many, as the infamous Mt. Baldy full-pipe down in Southern, Calif.

The only difference between the two is that the Glory Hole is a little more challenging to get to. Not only do you have to hike several miles, but you then have to take a raft ride down the river to get to it as well.

If your lucky enough and make it that far without taking a spill, the pipe is then all yours to ride. Story originally found here.

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