Accident leads neighbors to demand change at what they call a dangerous intersection

Teenage girl hit while riding her bike
Posted at 5:45 PM, Oct 05, 2017

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. (KGTV) -- Dozens of Imperial Beach residents want the city to fix what they call dangerous intersections after a teenage girl was hit while riding her bike across a busy intersection Thursday morning. 


The girl was hit by a white car at the intersection of Elm Avenue and 9th Street. She was taken to the hospital where a San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy said she is expected to be okay.


However, a Facebook thread on a community watch page had dozens of comments demanding the city at least add stop signs to the intersection.


“We have the school caution signs but for some reason, people think caution means go faster instead of slow down,” said Cheryl Warren who has lived at the corner of the intersection for four years. “There have been tons of car accidents.”


Warren said Thursday morning’s accident was the last straw.


“This is not okay,” she said.


She and her neighbors intend to address the Imperial Beach City Council at the next meeting to ask for a fix. 


10News spoke with City Manager Andy Hall who suggested they should contact his office first to set up a neighborhood meeting.  The only thing the council can do with the public comment is send the issue to the city’s staff, which would lead to a meeting anyway. 


Hall said the council act on an issue that is not on the agenda.  Organizing a neighborhood meeting would skip the public comment step and get to city council a little faster.


Warren said the neighbors aren’t asking for much.


“Honestly, at least two stop signs right here,” she said as she pointed to the intersection where drivers on 9th Street don’t have a stop sign.