A paint job while you shop? It's likely a scam

Posted at 10:54 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 03:26:19-04
SAN DIEGO -- A Clairemont woman claims scammers tried to target her as she shopped at a local Home Depot.
“As I got out of my car this black pickup truck pulled up right behind me and blocked me in," Barbara Yeamans told 10News.
She said on Tuesday, three men in a truck approached her about fixing scratches on her car while she shopped. She got suspicious when they told her it would only take 30 minutes and cost just $225.
“He said he had paint, but he never showed me paint, and I also know that when you match paint you have to have the product from the company,” Yeamans said.
Yeamans admits she was caught off guard but did not take the men up on their offer. One of them gave her his number and when 10News called to see if it was legitimate, a man who answered claimed he owned a dent repair shop in Orange County, but hadn't come to San Diego in years. The man said he was completely shocked someone gave out his number.
Yeamans believes whoever approached her may have been targeting women. Although she didn't get scammed, she wanted to warn others so they don't either.
“Sometimes people can be so trusting and maybe even they give in to the pressure," she said. "Don't let this happen to you."
Most professional paint jobs cost more than $200. Some even come with warranties.