5 crime findings for San Diego in 2016

Homicides, assaults, vehicle thefts increased
Posted at 11:41 AM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 15:31:47-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV)--The San Diego Association of Government'sannual crime reportfor 2016 released Monday indicates an increase in the number of homicides, aggravated assaults and motor vehicle thefts in the region. 

The Criminal Justice Research Division compiles crime statistics from local law enforcement agencies, in part, for purposes of year-over-year comparison. 

Here are five takeaways from this year's report. Let us know if these findings are consistent with what you see going on in your neighborhood: 

  1. Homicides are on the rise. There were 17 more homicides in 2016 (101) compared to 2015 (84). It is the third consecutive increase in homicides for the region.
  2. Violent crimes against seniors (60 years+) are up 37 percent over the past five years and it's not solely attributable to an aging population. 
  3. There were more motor vehicle thefts (11,023) than burglaries in the the region (10,382) and the number of motor vehicles stolen increased 11 percent from 2015. 
  4. Robberies decreased but robberies with a firearm increased 30 percent (from 388 to 504)
  5. Hate crimes increased 15 percent (84 compared to 73 in 2015). Of those 84, most (52 percent) were motivated by race, ethnicity or national origin 

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