450 families wait more than an hour to make their Thanksgiving better

Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-21 21:35:58-05

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - More than 450 South Bay and military families will have a better Thanksgiving after receiving a free turkey dinner Monday.

Some people waited in line outside Cornerstone Church for more than an hour to receive a frozen turkey and side dishes.

National City Mayor Ron Morrison rallies donors and volunteers for the giveaway every year.

"This the time of year where you really get to reach out, make sure that the community is taken care of in a very special way," said Morrison.

"We were actually worried about Thanksgiving dinner this year so it came pretty handy," said dinner recipient Marcella Marinelli. "We're grateful. We're grateful for the help today."

More than 125 military families were also in line, and Marinelli added, "They deserve it more than anybody, I think."

"We love to be able to do this, but it's also bitter that you have to do this," said Morrison.

The turkey dinners were donated by Highland Mobile, Angelo's Towing, Big Ben Specialty Market, Carnival Supermarket, YYK, Marine Group Boat Works, Wrigley's Supermarket, Walmart, Coastal Front Properties, and Cornerstone Church.