'Bolder than most' rapist up for conditional release

Posted at 5:49 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 20:55:16-04

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) - After nearly 30 years in custody, a man convicted in 1989 of raping four women is up for conditional release.

Alvin Quarles was sentenced to 50 years in prison, garnering the nickname the “bolder than most” rapist for making his victim’s male partners watch or participate in the sex acts.

He became eligible for parole in 2013 but was instead transferred to a state hospital in 2014 after objection by one of his victims, Cynthia Medina.

“It’s easy to fool like you're recuperating or rehabilitating,” Medina told 10News. “But it isn't working. It won't work.”

Dr. Cecilia Groman, a clinical director for California’s Conditional Release Program (CONREP), testified at the hearing on Thursday.

“I don’t believe he’s suitable for release at this time,” said Groman, who had created a report on Quarles’ rehabilitation.

She said he might be eligible in her view at some point, but said he had not completed several critical steps, including a polygraph test and completion of sexual rehab course.

An attorney representing Quarles argued he has undergone multiple treatments and rehabilitation programs since the early 1990’s and should be eligible for CONREP.

According to the California Department of State Hospitals website, “CONREP patients receive an intensive regimen of treatment and supervision that includes individual and group contact with clinical staff, random drug screenings, home visits, substance abuse screenings and psychological assessments.”

Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday, June 4. The decision is then up to the judge.