Senator says flyers often treated like 'self-loading cargo'

Senator says flyers often treated like 'self-loading cargo'
Posted at 8:45 AM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 11:45:29-04

A senator says he thinks the airline industry has become anti-competitive and is hurting the flying public.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson says air travelers often tell him they "feel like they're being treated as self-loading cargo rather than as valued consumers."

Nelson is the top Democrat on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee — which is holding a hearing Thursday on airline travel.

He says people are so fed up that they're using their cellphones to hold airlines accountable by recording incidents that show travelers being treated unfairly.

Last month, a passenger was dragged off a United Airlines flight, and on an American Airlines plane, a mother with a stroller was bullied by a flight attendant.


Videos of both incidents were widely circulated on social media.