Spring cleaning tips that help the environment

Posted at 11:09 AM, Apr 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-08 14:09:57-04

Here are spring cleaning tips that help the environment and your community.

Throw out expired food and donate unwanted canned goods

A great way to start spring cleaning is going through your pantry and throwing out expired food.

Help the environment and recycle the cans and boxes they were in.

Click herefor a list from the City of San Diego website that shows what materials you can and cannot recycle.

The San Diego Food Bank is a good place to donate your unwanted food. 

Discard expired and unwanted medication

Most medicine can be disposed of in your household trash. However, the FDA has a list of drugs that should be flushed. Click here for a list of these drugs. 

Check the best way to dispose unwanted medication 

For prescription drugs, the FDA suggests blacking out information on the bottle, mixing the pills with dirt or coffee grinds and putting it in a plastic bag before throwing it out in trash. 

Click here for a list of medicines that the FDA says should be flushed instead of thrown in trash. 

If you prefer to have somebody else dispose of your unused medication, you can bring it to the City of San Diego Safe Prescription Drug Drop-off site

Recycle old motor oil

Motor oil never wears out and can be recycled and used over again. If you have bottles of uncontaminated oil in your garage, find your nearest recycling center on the CalRecycle website

Recycle used batteries

Batteries are considered hazardous and can't be disposed of in landfills. Check the City of San Diego's website to find the closest battery recycling center near you.

Purge your closet of unwanted clothes and donate them to a charity

There are many charities in San Diego that accept new and gently worn clothes.

Clean out your closet and help out the charity of your choice at the same time. Here are a few charities that accept clothes: AmvetsGoodwill San DiegoThe Salvation Army and The San Diego Rescue Mission.