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Healthy eating during 2020 holiday season

Sage Garden Project
Posted at 10:55 PM, Nov 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 15:48:14-05

With cooler weather and fewer daylight hours, many people may begin craving comfort foods or staying indoors more.

Even with Covid-19, a few moments in the sunshine is good for your mental and physical health. Taking the family outside is one of the easiest things to do.

But be sure to avoid large gatherings, wear facial coverings and maintain good hygiene.

Here are a few tips from Live Well San Diego to consider when staying healthy this fall:

  • Plan activities that don’t involve eating.
  • Eat a light lunch like a salad with olive oil dressing, that way you can go big with special events.
  • Homemade food from scratch is challenging but you can control fat, sodium and sugar contents better.
  • When in doubt, stick to veggies!

Making sure you use fresh affordable foods, like seasonal fruits and vegetables will keep your family healthy and smiling.

Did you know Sprouts Farmers Market is growing goodness in San Diego County by supporting Sage Garden Project programs with grants and funding that help reach more students year after year!

Sage Garden directly influences students’ knowledge with lessons on healthy habits and introductions to fresh food.

One simple way Sage Garden Project helps elementary-age kids to adopt healthy habits it by encouraging them to “Eat a Rainbow” by incorporating different colored fruits and vegetables into recipes like the one below.


Featuring fresh ingredients like organic cilantro, limes, jalapeno peppers, whole cranberries, this avocado salsa with sweet potato chips tastes as good as it looks!

Get ready this season for a healthier holiday by planning a feast or party with everything you need from Sprouts Farmers Market.