'Detour' named ABC 10News Leadership award winner for September

Posted at 5:39 PM, Sep 02, 2022

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — KGTV Proud only begins to describe how Tinesia Conwright feels about her girls.

"Proud, blessed, appreciative, and honored. Honored to be a part of their journey," said Conwright.

All of these young women belong to the non-profit Conwright started called Detour FANCY.

"Depositing empowerment through outreach and urban redevelopment and FANCY stands for focused and naturally confident youth," said Conwright.

Conwright says the ideal girl she works with is one that's already doing well in school and at home but just needs a little boost.

"Extracurricular opportunities connecting them with companies so they can have internship opportunities connecting them with higher education opportunities scholarships and things like that."

Detour FANCY works with girls as young as elementary school all the way through high school and all of them girls of color.

Conwright says she remembers growing up feeling like an outsider many times and wants to change things for the next generation.

"Being in an environment with people who look like you, it makes you feel more relaxed and more comfortable," said Conwright.

Which is exactly how longtime member Nilaja Nettles says she feels.

"Being able to freely talk with people who kind of get me like that," said Nettles.

The high school junior has been with Detour FANCY since middle school and says it's been life-changing.

"They were basically my sisterhood that I didn't get from school or my family. I would definitely recommend this," Nettles said.

Seeing her girls grow into confident young women is truly rewarding for Conwright, who gets just a little emotional thinking about their journeys.

"I'm not gonna cry but I really tear up. I love the work that we do I love empowering the girls and providing different opportunities to them."