Tips for hosting or staying with friends or family

Tips for hosting or staying with friends or family
Posted at 1:49 PM, Nov 21, 2017
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(KGTV) - Heading out of town or hosting loved ones for the holidays? Here are tips to be the best host or guest for a smooth vacation.


Don’t bring too much luggage. You may intimidate your host if you show up with hefty suitcases. Of course, those bags will be welcome if they're full of gifts!

Entertain yourself. Don’t expect your host to have non-stop activities or cable TV to keep you amused. Bring a book or load up the tablet with movies for your kids.

No snooping! Resist the urge to pry into medicine cabinets or drawers where you don’t belong.

Shoes on or off? Pack socks or slippers if you’re staying in a home where shoes are left at the door.

Bring a gift.  A picture frame is a nice idea. Flowers and wine are always welcome.

Help out.  Offer to do the dishes after dinner or strip the bed linens when you leave.  Also, make up your bed every day.

Write a thank you note.  This is a must-do for any house guest!


Hot or cold? Your guests may be used to a different climate. Make sure there are extra blankets or be prepared to turn on a fan for anyone who's uncomfortable in San Diego's warm weather.

Supply what they need. Have an extra toothbrush and other toiletries ready. It’s also a nice idea to leave tissues and bottled water near the bed.

Check for dietary needs.  Your guest may have food allergies or require a low-sodium diet.  You can always ask what kind of snacks they like to have available.

Clean out the closet. Have a few hangars and possibly a drawer ready for visitors.

What’s brewing? Set your timer to make coffee for those early risers or leave the grounds on your kitchen counter.  There’s no need for them to wait for you to wake up.

These tips will make it easier for you to have good memories of your time together!

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