Tips and tricks for a safe and fun Halloween night in San Diego

Posted at 3:23 PM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 18:23:56-04

Halloween brings chills and thrills, but few thrills are greater than the joy of collecting candy!

San Diego Family Magazine author and mom Anne Malinoski has tips for a fun and safe night.

Keep Track of your Crew
Matching glow sticks or reflective tape can keep your kids together. If you’re escorting a large group around the neighborhood, assign buddies to look out for one another.

Dinner First
A healthy meal can go a long way to slowing down the sugar high! This may also give you more time to inspect their candy when they get home, Malinoski says.

Be Cautious
Remind children to stay on sidewalks and doorsteps, and avoid going into homes or approaching a car for candy.

Establish a Timeline
Be firm on the amount of time you’ll spend trick-or-treating - it’s on a school night this year! Malinoski recommends bringing kids home at least a full hour before bedtime.

Safety Check
Inspect candy for any signs of tampering including loose or missing wrappers. Homemade treats should also be tossed.

Candy Rules
Create rules about Halloween candy ahead of trick-or-treating. If you have any leftover treats, you can donate to troops and first responders through Operation Gratitude.