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Exploring SeaWorld’s Sesame Place San Diego before grand opening

Posted at 10:38 AM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 13:38:44-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) — It’s been two years in the making and now Sesame Place San Diego has officially taken over SeaWorld’s Aquatica. This brand new theme park features 18 rides, a brand new parade, and a number of water slides.

The park also features the famous Sesame Street neighborhood where you get a chance to visit with your favorite characters, hear storytime, and get some playtime action. Sesame Place is also a Certified Autism Center.

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"Every single one of our rides is rated on a scale from 1-5 letting parents know how each ride impacts their senses," said Erika DiProfio, with SeaWorld San Diego.

"Throughout the park as well there are quiet rooms so if families and children need to take a break from the day to unwind or relax a little bit they can go into the quiet room and do that and come back out to the park and experience more of their day."

This park also brings in more than 900 jobs, really placing Chula Vista on the map, something the City’s Mayor says is key to the development of this area.

“This is not exclusively for Chula Vista this is going to be a regional attraction," said Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas.

"This is going to bring a lot of families to Chula Vista and take a look for themselves to see what this community has grown up to be and all that it has to offer for our families!”