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Take me to the beach: Great summer gear for San Diego

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Posted at 12:27 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-11 12:20:31-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - When June Gloom gives way to sunshine, it's time to head to San Diego's beaches for summer fun.

Naturally, you'll need to pack a towel, sunscreen, and your trunks or bikini. You might want to include a new gadget from our list of favorites.

Whether you're looking for a super cooler or portable shade, you'll find plenty of options.

Dakine's party bucket has an insulated main compartment with a mesh bottom that becomes a cooler when you put it in a 5-gallon bucket. Your suds and sodas will stay cool in eight coozies. There's also room for a wine bottle and snacks in an interior pocket.

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Keep your stuff stashed with this beach vault. The plastic screw dives deep into the sand, leaving just rope visible. From Amazon.

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No need to set your stuff in the sand. These plastic cupholders have stakes to keep your phone and beverages handy. On Amazon.

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It's cornhole, for the beach! This lightweight version by Sandbiz is easy to tote to Mission Beach from your parking spot in Clairemont.

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The Coolest Cooler company is aptly named with this Kickstarter favorite. The base model includes built-in utensils, wide wheels, bluetooth speaker, wallet storage, telescoping handle, and bungee. You can upgrade with a blender, USB power, solar paneled table top, and LED lid light.

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Relax on the sand with this lounger-tent combo. The black and white design will make it easy to spot at the beach. You'll also be protected by the anti-UV fabric coating with a 50+ rating. From PB Teen.

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Protect your baby (or pet) from harsh rays with this babymoov anti-UV tent. The company says it only takes 3 seconds to fold and unfold.

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Cuddle up for a romantic sunset with this low loveseat complete with insulated cup holders. From Kelty.

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