Dog owners: Do you pick up the poop? (be honest)

Posted at 6:34 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 21:34:29-04

Karen Edleson walks her Golden Retriever Atticus in the Core-Columbia District of downtown, and like most pet owners, she'll admit there's a poop problem.

"I'd say 90 percent of the people pick up, but there's always a few that just create a mess for the rest of us," said Edleson.

The City can issue a citation if an owner leaves poop on public property.

It's considered a pollutant that can enter a storm water drain. In fact, if the Regional Water Quality Control Board finds the feces, they can charge the city $10,000 a day. That fine would be paid by taxpayers.

Restaurant owners think dogs are doing their business to close to patios.

"It's not very pleasant and I'm sure people who eat there would think twice about sitting out on the patio again," said Michael Lou, owner of Dragon's Den Restaurant.

Code enforcement officers can fine pet owners up to $1,000 for failing to clean up after dogs.

We want to hear from all of the dog owners out there -- and we want you to be completely honest -- about your own pooper scooper habits. Don't worry... the poll is completely anonymous.