DIY holiday centerpieces on a budget

Posted at 12:42 PM, Dec 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-10 16:44:42-05

Need some help decorating your holiday table?  Here are some easy and budget friendly centerpieces that you can make.

Firewood Centerpiece with Candles

Materials: Piece of firewood, log or large branch; candles - either real or battery operated; various natural items like pinecones, evergreen branches, berries

Tools: Circle saw; chisel; hammer; wire brush; gloves; safety glasses

Step #1. Find a piece of firewood or large branch the size you want for your centerpiece.

Step #2. Wearing gloves, chisel off bark.

Step #3. Clean and smooth log with a wire brush.

Step #4. Using a circle saw, cut a hole a little larger than the diameter of your candle. Use your chisel to chip out the wood.

Step #5. Place your candles in the holes.

Step #6. If you are putting this on your table, you might want to use a serving tray or placemat underneath.


#7 Embellish with pinecones, evergreen branches and berries - be creative!


Glitter Branch Centerpiece with Ornaments

Materials: Glass vase, small branches, silver spray paint, craft glue, silver glitter, paintbrush, ornaments, thread or fishing line to hang ornaments

Step #1. Find a few small branches.


Step #2. Spray or paint branches with silver paint.

Step #3. Paint glue on branches.

Step #5 Sprinkle glitter on glue.

Step #6. Place branches in glass vase - place ornaments around the branches to keep them steady. These ornaments were hung on the branches with fishing line. You can add lights, change the color theme with different holiday items - and basically, be creative!


Chili Pepper Centerpiece

Materials: Green & red chili peppers, glass bowl, battery operated candle

Step #1. Buy or pick chili peppers from your garden.

Step #2. Place battery operated candle in glass bowl - add red and green chili peppers!


Pinecone and Candle Centerpiece

Materials: Glass bowl, pinecones, battery operated candle, evergreen branches, glitter & glue - optional

Step #1: Buy or find pinecones around your home - you may want to wash and let the pinecones dry for a day or two if you picked them off the ground. 

Step #2. Put candle in glass bowl.

Step #3. Place pinecones in the bowl around candle, add some evergreen branches and embellish with some berries or whatever you think will dress it up. I added some glitter to the pinecones to make it more festive.