Spirit Airlines increases weight limit for checked bags and extends time to use travel vouchers

Customers checking luggage are now allowed 50 pounds per checked bag, instead of the previous 40 pounds.
Spirit Airlines
Posted at 12:53 PM, Jun 05, 2024

Spirit Airlines has expanded some of its policies for customers.

The airline has increased its weight limit for checked bags to 50 pounds.

Previously, customers were only allowed up to 40 pounds for checked bags before a heavy baggage fee was applied.

Spirit’s new 50-pound weight limit falls in line with that of most other popular airlines, like JetBlue, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Additionally, Spirit is extending the life of travel vouchers.

Travel vouchers issued on or after June 3 will now be valid for a year. Before, vouchers were only good for 90 days.

"These enhancements provide each and every one of our guests unparalleled flexibility and peace of mind, and it's just the beginning of our pursuit to make affordable travel easier and more seamless than ever,” said Spirit executive vice president and chief commercial officer Matt Klein, in a press release.

The news follows a recent announcement from Spirit that the airline would no longer charge customers change or cancellation fees on their reservations.

When changing flights, customers will only be responsible for paying the difference if the new flight costs more. They will be given a credit if it costs less.

This policy went into effect on May 17.