Naked man attempts to break into Ocean Beach apartment

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 10:15:55-04
OCEAN BEACH -- A man was arrested after reportedly scaring customers outside an Ocean Beach store Tuesday and then attempting to break into an apartment while naked. 
The incident began when a man was reported acting strangely inside a Rite Aid store on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. They later found his clothes in a pile outside. 
According to witnesses, the man then approached strangers in the Rite Aid parking lot, yelling and chanting at them. 
Witness Ken Legg described the scene to 10News. 
“When I came up to the corner here, he was standing there, jumping up and down, chanting something,” Legg said. “I couldn’t hear it at first until he came closer to me and then he ran out into the street and what he was saying was ‘Gridlock is good, gridlock is good.’” 
Legg said the man was almost struck while in the street before running back into the Rite Aid parking lot and harassing some customers. One of them was forced to physically fight him off.  
Legg called 911 and San Diego police responded. However, not before the suspect attempted to break into an apartment through the front door. He was unable to get inside. 
Police arrested him near Dog Beach, still naked.
His name and the charges he might face were not confirmed.