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Garth Brooks Has A New Song And People Are Loving It

Garth Brooks Has A New Song And People Are Loving It
Posted at 2:20 PM, Jun 22, 2020

Country superstar Garth Brooks has dropped a new single, and fans can’t get enough of the tune.

On June 11, Brooks appeared on “Good Morning America” to promote his drive-in theater concert event on June 27. During the interview, he promised his good friend, “GMA” host Robin Roberts, that he would send her a new song.

He came through on his promise, and on June 15, Roberts paid it forward by posting a clip of the new song on Twitter so everyone could listen and enjoy:

“On Thursday after announcing his upcoming Drive-In Concert, I asked @GarthBrooks when we could expect new music from him,” she wrote in the tweet accompanying the video. “Here’s that exchange on @GMA followed by my longtime, dear friend singing ‘We Belong To Each Other.'”

During his “GMA” interview, Brooks gave Roberts the option of keeping the new song to herself or sharing it with the world, and we’re glad she chose the latter!

“We Belong To Each Other” sends a message of hope during difficult times with the lyrics: “Ain’t no wall can divide us/No matter how high. Ain’t no storm can untie us/For all it may try. We’re all leaves on the same tree/Under one sky. Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise. We belong to each other/We are sister and brother/Born to love one another.”

How uplifting!

In a subsequent tweet, Roberts expressed her hope that the song was as comforting to other fans as it is for her:

In the replies to her tweet, fans seem to love it.

“Such a beautiful message!” wrote @Debers68:

Twitter user @OneHungryMonkey noted that the song is “What the world needs now”:

For some fans, a new tune from Garth Brooks is always a good thing. “Love any new music from @garthbrooks” wrote @knwomble on Twitter. “Thanks for sharing this beautiful song!”

Hopefully “We Belong To Each Other” is on the setlist for the June 27 concert event!

What do you think of the new track?

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