IMG_4333.jpg Welcome to Batuu, Disneyland's home of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! 10News checks out some cool features of the new land.Photo by: Allison Horn luke skywalker helmet orb Does the helmet look familiar? Luke Skywalker used these training tools in the first Star Wars movie. You can see it right before you experience Millenium Falcon: Smuggler's Run.Photo by: Allison Horn star wars galaxy's edge soda coke bottle Coke goes cooler with these specially-designed bottles for Galaxy's Edge, available throughout the land.Photo by: Allison Horn BLUE MILK SIGN.jpg The blue milk that won so much buzz before Galaxy's Edge opened doesn't disappoint. This non-dairy chilled smoothie is hard to describe but delightful to drink.Photo by: Allison Horn star wars galaxy's edge droid tracks These tracks came from the wheels of the first-ever R2-D2 droid used for the first Star Wars film, "A New Hope." Disney Imaginners built a trolley and rolled it through Batuu before the concrete dried.Photo by: Allison Horn aircraft star wars galaxy's edge This may not be the "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy" but it's impressive to see up close. Several aircraft from the Star Wars films (and even Star Tours!) are on display. Don't miss Luke's speeder.Photo by: Allison Horn star wars galaxy's edge chess The hologram chess game played on the Millenium Falcon has a name: Dejarik. You can buy your own, more substantial, figures.Photo by: Allison Horn GARBAGE CAN.jpg No detail goes unnoticed when Disney creates a new land. This garbage can fits right in to the planet's look.Photo by: Allison Horn star wars galaxy's edge princess leia robe Feel like a princess of Alderaan in these robes for sale in the Den of Antiquities.Photo by: Allison Horn princess leia necklace star wars galaxys edge Princess Leia's necklace from "A New Hope" was recreated with the help of the first designer, who still had the four-decade-old mold of the original. You can buy it for $2,000.Photo by: Allison Horn IMG_0985.jpeg Is this a Jedi who lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? You'll appreciate the decor of Batuu, which feels unlike any other land.Photo by: Allison Horn WATER FOUNTAIN.jpg Even the water fountains in Galaxy's Edge get attention from Imagineers, with signs in a language created for the planet.Photo by: Allison Horn IMG_4371.jpg Yes, even the bathrooms have that authentically lived-in feel. Never fear; the plumbing seems to be more reliable than the Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive.Photo by: Allison Horn