Flying home from Comic-Con? TSA offers screening tips for your collectibles, replicas

Posted at 9:56 AM, Jul 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 12:59:41-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV)--Are you heading home from San Diego Comic-Con International on a commercial airline? If so, you might have new fake weapons, comic book stacks and collectible items you might be concerned about being damaged or lost in the process of traveling.

No worries! The Transportation Security Administration offers tips to get you through the screening process at San Diego International Airport with your beloved belongings intact:

  • Ship your collectible items with original seal: If you don't want your new collectible item searched and opened, which would cause the original seal to break, please ship it instead. There are many options located within close proximity to the San Diego Convention Center and hotels. Don't risk breaking that seal!
  • Weapons:  Look, Wonder Woman. Your Lasso of Truth may be a trusty tool for fighting the bad guys, but screeners at the airport might not be so understanding. If you're not checking a bag and you have a realistic replica of a weapon or an actual weapon, you'll want to ship the item. If you are checking a bag, replica weapons can be packed with no declaration. But actual firearms must meet packing guidelines and be declared. And don't even think of bringing a replica explosive with you. 
  • Carry on your comic books & brochures: Packing stacks of comic books, brochures and magazines will often cause alarm, leading to bag searches and delays. Instead, carry these items in a carry-on bag and place them in a bin before sending them through the x-ray. 

Sandy Coronilla is a KGTV digital producer. Follow her @SandyCoro