Mom finds note from son who died of infection

Posted at 6:13 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 21:13:47-04

After finding a note from her 6-year-old son who died from an amoebic infection last week, a mother took to Facebook to post a message in his honor.

Leland Shoemake was receiving treatment at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta after being infected with an amoeba called Balamuthia mandrillaris that infected his brain. He died on Friday, according a Facebook page called Prayers for Leland.

When Leland's parents Amber and Tim returned home to pick out clothes for Leland to be buried in, they found a note from their son reading, "Still with you. Thank you mom and dad," on their living room table, according to the Facebook page.

"We were in shock and broke down as soon as we saw it. He was amazing in life and still is after his passing. He touched everyone he met and we are amazed at how many lives he's touched since he left us," Amber Shoemake told ABC News.

Leland's parents have been updating the Facebook page dedicated to the Georgia boy for the past couple of weeks, letting family and friends know his status and sharing ways to donate and help.

Amber Shoemake posted a picture of the note on Monday with a heartfelt message about her son, writing "He loved the history channel, the weather channel, documentaries and anything about history. He loved ships like the titanic and learning about things like WWII."


This is Amber. This will be my only post on here for awhile. I was over protective of Leland and tried my best to keep...

Posted by Prayers for Leland on Monday, September 28, 2015

She added that his favorite movie was "Jaws," favorite director was Steven Spielberg and favorite actor was Adam Sandler.

"He loved his brother and his family so much. He was the life of every party. His smile could light up a city. He was the smartest, most caring, loving little boy there ever was," Amber Shoemake added.

To end her touching message, she wrote: "We will love you forever Leland. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!"