$600 Taco Bell Wedding in Vegas, starting August 7!

Posted at 12:01 PM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 16:33:04-04

LAS VEGAS (KGTV) -  Are you in love with your fiancee as much as you love Taco Bell? Or maybe you're just searching for a cheap and unique experience for your wedding day.

Fast-food restaurant giant, Taco Bell, is inviting fans everywhere to get married Taco Bell-style in Las Vegas.

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On June 25, 2017, Taco Bell held it's inaugural wedding ceremony with Love and Tacos Contest winners, Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda.

Ryckert told Mashable, "It was appropriately surreal...it was crazy to be greeted with silver platters of quesadillas and gorditas minutes after being introduced for the first time as husband and wife."

The newlyweds received an all-expense paid trip to wed at the Las Vegas Cantina, after beating out more than 150 entries and receiving nearly 17,000 votes.

Now with its first wedding completed, beginning August 7, anyone can walk in and order their own Taco Bell wedding right off the Las Vegas Cantina menu.

The wedding package is surprisingly affordable at $600, including a ceremony, a private reception area for 15 guests, Taco Bell themed merchandise and champagne flutes, a Taco 12 Pack, a Cinnabon Delights cake, and a sauce packet bouquet.

For more information on how to get married at the Las Vegas Cantina Taco Bell visit their website.