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Producer at Balboa Park's The Old Globe promoting diversity and inclusion

Posted at 4:43 PM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 20:59:26-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Live theater is back at The Old Globe in Balboa Park after a long hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lamar Perry is the first to tell you, he's hard to miss coming into a room.

“I’m black, I’m queer, I’m plus size, I’m male identifying that is who walks through the world not necessarily the totality of my personality there's so much more nuance to me,” said Lamar Perry.

Perry brings a unique perspective to his new role as an associate producer for The Old Globe theatre and feels strongly about his responsibility as a creative.

“Providing people with the opportunity to tell their stories from their lens, particularly those who have been traditionally marginalized in the American theatre.”

For Perry that means carefully choosing works that are diverse and inclusive. He also has an understanding that a place like The Old Globe should be a place everyone feels welcome and seen.

“Everyone needs to be invited into the circle I believe the work starts with us as an institution that the culture of The Globe is one that fosters a sense of ownership for everyone in the community particularly the young people.”

Perry said that starts with rethinking the old ways and reaching out to everyone in San Diego to let them know the theatre is most definitely for them.

“We can't expect to continue to do what we've always done and expect a new audience to suddenly show up.”

But perhaps above all else, he wants to remind people why live theater is worth supporting and bring back that spark dimmed by the pandemic.

“It was so important for us to just offer joy, light because we've been missing that for so long and when I think of the theatre that's one of the best gifts that we can offer the community.”