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First Black-owned coffee brand available at Trader Joe's

Kahawa 1893 coffee
Posted at 9:18 PM, May 27, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Kahawa 1893 coffee has made history as the first Black woman-owned coffee brand to be sold at Trader Joe’s.

On May 12, Margaret Nyamumbo made history when her coffee-brand became the first of its kind to be sold at Trader's Joe. The grocery chain has over 200 stores in California and continues to expand across America.

“Being the first Black woman-owned coffee brand to be sold in Trader Joe’s is not only an exciting time for me but also signifies a commitment in showcasing the amazing diversity in the marketplace by Black-owned brands,” stated Margaret Nyamumbo, Founder and CEO of Kahawa 1893. "I am thrilled to share the rich and aromatic flavors of Kahawa 1893, a true Kenyan coffee with consumers while supporting the female African coffee farmers who are an integral part of this incredible journey.”

Kahawa 1893 coffee is grown in Kenya and roasted fresh in San Francisco by Nyamumbo, a third-generation coffee farmer. The brand offers a variety of blends including Kenyan, Peaberry, Serengeti, Ethiopian, Safari, 1893 Espresso, Decaf, and Single-Serve Coffee are available.

Nyamumbo, a former Wall Street Investment Banker and Harvard graduate, created Kahawa 1893 in 2017 as a means of providing premium, traceable Kenyan coffee to consumers while helping to empower female African coffee farmers with sustainable wages.

“When a consumer buys coffee at Trader Joe’s, they can scan a QR code and send a tip to a farmer's e-wallet who will receive that money directly. Kahawa 1893 matches all tips to double the impact,” continued Nyamumbo.

Although the company is named after the year that coffee was first planted in Kenya, it is more about designing the future of the coffee supply chain than honoring the status quo of the past.

You can also buy Kahawa 1893 coffee from their website.