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In San Diego, many children may never receive a yearly eye exam. Because early childhood learning is reliant on visual tools, a young student who won’t sit still in class or refuse to participate may have vision issues. Data shows how literacy, learning and reading, along with some behavioral concerns, can be linked to vision impairment.

Let’s see a San Diego where all children have access to vision screenings. Let’s see the impact of preventing visual impairments, even blindness, the difference a free pair of glasses can make. Five out of twenty-four young school kids screened in classrooms are determined to have need of prescriptive services.

Join ABC 10News and the community challenge to raise $20,000 in 20-days.

Your generous donation will benefit the UCSD Shiley Institute’s Children’s Eyemobile program and help children without access to vision healthcare.

Let’s see if we have a vision to make a difference…together.