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Lucky Ducklings share their luck with San Diegans

Posted at 9:13 PM, Feb 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-01 00:14:03-05

Answering the call to help those less fortunate by volunteering to “Share Their Luck” is part of a youth-led movement taking an active part in alleviating the suffering of vulnerable neighbors across the San Diego region.

ABC 10News Anchor, Virginia Cha spoke with Kenan Pala and Lily Khabie, student leaders and co-chairs of the Lucky Ducklings.

What is the advantage of having youth leading volunteers?

Youth are 25% of the population, while they are 100% of the future. If work is started now, the impact in the community can carry the momentum into years to come, creating a sustainable, long-term benefit to society.” explains Kenan Pala.

How are the Lucky Ducklings reaching out to unsheltered folks?

Lily Khabie shared “There are a lot of people in our community who are very fortunate, and there are a lot who are not as fortunate as others. So, it just means go out into your community, volunteer, donate and things like that”.

The Homeless Innovation Challenge is one of the ways Lucky Ducklings use their youthful creativity to think of unusual ways to make a difference. A lot of schools in San Diego are involved in the project which begins with a “pitch” for an idea to tackle the homeless and hungry crisis in San Diego. Each school will go through a Shark Tank-like presentation to a panel of judges, with the winning ideas actually getting funded to go out and put them into action; something the Ducklings are super excited about.

As part of the Lucky Duck Foundation, the Lucky Ducklings come from all over San Diego County. With more than 150 active Lucky Ducklings, most from local schools, participants include sports teams, church groups, and other youth organizations. For more information, visit the Lucky Duck Foundation.

ABC 10News is committed to supporting a healthier community through youth volunteer programs like Lucky Ducklings.


Since 2005, The Lucky Duck Foundation [luckyduckfoundation.org] (LDF) has raised funds and awareness for numerous charitable causes throughout San Diego. In 2017, due to the growing homelessness epidemic, LDF pivoted to focus on providing aid and relief for individuals and families living without permanent housing. Since then, LDF and its co-founders, Pat & Stephanie Kilkenny, have funded, led, and activated several high-impact programs that alleviate the suffering of homelessness throughout San Diego County, including bridge shelters, employment and job training, research, permanent supportive housing, outreach, and more. Originally called the AGIA Foundation (Arrowhead General Insurance Agency), the name was changed to the Lucky Duck Foundation to honor the Kilkenny family's Irish heritage and as a nod to their love of the University of Oregon. The premise is simple: if you have had some good luck and fortune in your life, share your luck with those less fortunate.