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Annual Month of a Million Meals donation drive to benefit Feeding San Diego

People in San Diego County face hunger each day but you have the power to provide nutritious meals
Posted at 2:34 AM, Nov 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-13 05:34:05-05

Hundreds of thousands of people in San Diego County face hunger each day but you have the power to provide nutritious meals for children, families, seniors and more in our community.

Patty O’Connor, COO Feeding San Diego spoke with ABC 10News Anchor Melissa Mecija about the mission of this year’s ABC 10News Month of a Million Meals campaign.

We know people from all walks of life are affected but do you know what the face of hunger looks like?

“There are many faces of hunger. It can be your next-door neighbor; it can be the kids you see on the playground. It can be college students, military, and their families or even seniors living on a fixed income. We just don’t know who is facing food insecurity. “explains Patty O’Connor.

Post Pandemic, the need has continued to grow and change over the past few years.

O’Connor went on to say, “Working families are the hardest hit, with basic needs being affected by the high cost of living particularly in San Diego. As you know it’s very expensive to live in our wonderful community. Feeding San Diego food distributions across the county are where hundreds of families are lining up to get fresh produce.”

With so many people in need, what is the best way you can make an impact?

The best way is to financially support campaigns that benefit Feeding San Diego like the ABC 10News Month of a Million Meals.

Feeding San Diego connects people with the nutritious food and because of such great donors like our viewers, they can provide millions of meals annually to our families, friends, and neighbors.

Last year Feeding San Diego distributed over 35 million meals to the community, and through a model of “food rescue” 70% of what is distributed which might otherwise be going to waste. With the help of their partners such as grocery stories, farms, and distributors, excess food which may not be considered commercially saleable is collected and distributed.

No one in San Diego should go hungry! Help ABC 10News reach our goal of a million meals this holiday season. You can make a difference with your financial donation to benefit Feeding San Diego.

Click here to donate until December 31, 2023.