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Bindi Irwin’s daughter makes her first appearance at the Steve Irwin Gala

Bindi Irwin’s daughter makes her first appearance at the Steve Irwin Gala
Posted at 7:10 AM, Nov 27, 2023

Bindi Irwin has long been in the spotlight as a conservationist at the Australia Zoo, the daughter of Steve “the Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, and a winner of “Dancing with the Stars” during the show’s 21st season. More recently, she’s been in the news revealing the endometriosis diagnosis she received earlier this year.

If you had any doubt that celebrity runs in the family, put them to rest. Bindi’s daughter, Grace Warrior, is only 2 years old — but as the next generation in a family of wildlife lovers, she’s been in the spotlight since birth. The little girl has long been featured on her parents’ social media, but earlier this month, she made a personal appearance that’s going viral.

Bindi, her husband, Chandler Powell, and brother Robert Irwin all posted an Instagram video of Grace’s first time at the Steve Irwin Gala, an annual celebration of the famous animal wrangler and conservation champion that raises money to continue his work.

“Her happiness lights up the entire room,” Bindi captioned the video, which featured her daughter during various parts of the evening — on the red carpet in front of a photo backdrop, jumping around, and saying “Crikey” to the audience while on stage at the podium.

Robert, who is also a professional photographer, snapped some images from the evening that he shared on social media:

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There’s plenty more evidence that Grace is being brought up in the Irwin family tradition. In May 2022, People reported that the then-13-month-old was fascinated by “Grandpa Crocodile,” her famous relative.

“We have so many documentaries of Dad, and we’re always playing them for Grace,” Bindi told the magazine. “It’s so fun to watch her study him. I didn’t realize how much Dad’s passion for life and his animated facial expressions — I mean, they captivate her.”

She has also been inducted early into a life defined by a love of nature. At a dinner in May, Bindi told people that her child was already into animals — and was precociously able to name many dinosaurs that her family didn’t even realize she knew.

“She just loves wildlife, and she gets so excited to learn more,” Bindi said, People reports. “She knows so many animal names. It is unreal. I mean, I guess it runs in the family.”

While Grace’s family posted a joke about her first “Croc” encounter just a week after her birth on April Fool’s Day, she has been around animals almost as long as that. A few weeks later the baby appeared on grandma Terri’s Twitter being introduced to some chickens:

We’re looking forward to watching Grace grow!

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