Station Tour Request of ABC 10News

Posted at 9:57 AM, Feb 28, 2023

ABC 10News is committed to our community. As part of that commitment, we believe in the importance of sharing our heritage, our dedication to journalism and literacy while focusing on career paths and opportunities in broadcast news production, promotional marketing, and advertising sales.

If you are part of a school, organization or an educational group who is leading the way by encouraging students to study or create media, we welcome your request for a station tour.

Tour participants must be active in media programs, weather workshops or other associated activities.

Please submit your request at least 30 days in advance for approval. Submissions are approved by the general manager and are subject to change. If approved, a confirmation email will be sent.

The following restrictions apply:

Tour Times: 10:00 a.m. the 3rd Wednesday of each month

Length: Forty-five (45) minutes total

Age minimum: 10 years old and over

Group limit: Maximum 35 persons including chaperones.

DUE TO NEWSROOM CONSTRUCTION 2023: Tour Dates will be suspended beginning April 1, 2023, until further notice.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to sensitive content, specific technical equipment, and physical building layout some areas may not be accessible. The tour is unable to accommodate small children, or people with limited mobility. No strollers, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, or other devices are unable to enter the studio without preapproved express specific arrangements.