LocalBiz Creative offers free marketing consultation

2:48 PM, Nov 05, 2020

Small business owners are finding themselves in very challenging times. LocalBiz Creative is here to talk about some of the solutions they offer to give businesses an edge over their competition. They specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses in all things creative and marketing (Website design, social media advertising, TV & radio, email campaigns, flyers, and more).

Tom Fana, the owner of LocalBiz Creative, suggests some simple steps you can take to retain customers and attract more through digital solutions. Tom has experience creating optimized strategies that will take advantage of both digital and traditional platforms. For example, most recently, he has created a platform for a yoga studio to offer classes and memberships which can be replayed and watched on the studio’s website. This not only retains memberships during lockdowns, but also creates an entirely new revenue stream that will last for years to come.

LocalBiz Creative is now offering a free, no obligation consultation and marketing analysis for local San Diego businesses. Visit LocalBizSD.com to setup a time to chat.

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Nominate a Leader today!