Healthy Holiday Food Finds with S&W Heirloom Series Beans and Cupcake LightHearted

1:14 PM, Dec 17, 2021

Registered Dietitian Katie Ferraro joined to share some of her favorite holiday food finds.

S&W’s heirloom series is a great source of plant protein during the holidays, their canned beans are available locally at Whole Foods, online at Amazon or you can always find them on to discover more great recipes.

Cupcake LightHearted Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay are fruit-forward wines, perfect for cozy winter moments and holiday celebrations. Cupcake LightHearted Chardonnay offers creamy flavors of pineapple, vanilla and pear while the Pinot Grigio has crisp flavors of lemon and apple and they’re online at

This segment contains paid content from S&W Heirloom Series Beans and Cupcake LightHearted.

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