Counsel's Corner: Cage & Miles Explain Family Law

11:35 AM, Jul 15, 2019

As Family Law attorneys, many of the people that come to Cage & Miles are experiencing the most difficult and emotional times of their lives. The attorneys and staff at Cage & Miles love what they do and pride themselves on their ability to guide people through their worst times. Cage & Miles is wholeheartedly devoted to taking care of its clients and getting them and their family’s lives back on track.

Cage & Miles focuses solely on Family Law. Every lawyer who works at the firm is either a Certified Family Law Specialist through the California State Bar or working in that direction. Shannon Miles and Jaime Cage have worked tirelessly to establish a stellar reputation in the San Diego Family law bar, with law enforcement, medical and mental health professionals and with the Family Court judges. They make all of these efforts because they love what they do for a living, but also so they can offer Cage & Miles clients the best representation in San Diego due to the respect the firm has earned from all of the professionals involved in Family Law cases. When a Cage & Miles lawyer is on your case, opposing attorneys know that they are dealing with an experienced, professional, quality expert who cannot be bullied or pushed around.

Shannon Miles and Jaime Cage have learned that no two cases are the same and there is no cookie-cutter solution for every case. They take the time to understand the firm’s clients’ lives and work together with them to tailor a case strategy that accomplishes the clients’ goals in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Cage & Miles has assembled a team to handle the smallest family law case to the largest, high-asset, complex litigation matter. No matter the size of the case, Cage & Miles will give the same professional care and attention to every client and not take a case unless the firm intends to finish it.

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