San Diego gym is latest in cable-snapping fitness machine suits

Posted: 5:24 PM, Apr 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-01 14:44:28Z

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A national fitness center chain with two locations in San Diego is accused of having dangerous workout equipment that has caused serious injuries. Lawsuits claim that the cables on some of the machines are snapping.

According to a complaint filed in San Diego County’s court system, a man was working out at the EōS Fitness facility on Sports Arena Boulevard when a cable suddenly broke on a triceps cable extension machine, causing him to fall. He allegedly sustained injuries to his body and nervous system, which required treatment from physicians and healthcare professionals. 10News reached out to his attorney, who declined an interview.

"I was pulling back towards my face, when the cable snapped," recalls Jordan Flentge of Las Vegas. Last year, he was working out on a cable machine at an EōS facility in Las Vegas. "The lower half of my back and my tailbone were the first things to hit the ground," he says. 

The facility called for an ambulance and Flentge was rushed to the hospital. "They told me that my collar bone was fractured," says Flentge. "My discs between my L5 and S1 were completely dead." 

The former bodybuilder had hoped to become a police officer. Now he’s dealing with chronic pain and has trouble walking.

Flentge is suing EōS, claiming the company failed to inspect and keep the machine in proper working order. “We have reports of multiple people being injured at the gym,” says attorney Chris Sullivan. His firm is representing Flentge and Flentge’s friend, Steve Moyer. “[I was] watching Steve do his workout and the cable snapped on him, right in front of me,” says Flentge. Tendons in his shoulder were torn, requiring surgery.

Sullivan believes their injuries point to a pattern of negligence.

In court records, EōS denies it's the gym's fault, adding that Flentge and Moyer knew there was risk. 

EōS sent 10News a statement on Monday morning,

"The safety of EōS Fitness members is our highest priority. Each piece of gym equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, employing the highest industry standards across every aspect of the business. EōS is proud of its safety record and its commitment to the safety of its members. This commitment spans not only maintenance but also equipment sourcing and repair. EōS has successfully created a positive atmosphere and safe environment at its fitness facilities enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of members on a daily basis absent of any equipment incidence. Isolated incidents are made a top priority and action to address them is taken immediately."

In specific regard to the San Diego case filed in February, EōS Fitness reported Monday afternoon,

“We were not aware of the San Diego action prior to receiving the court case number. We have since determined that this is likely because the parties were not properly named and therefore service of process was defective. We have since directed our counsel to reach out to the plaintiff’s counsel so that the claim can be properly investigated and addressed. It is our understanding that [we are] currently waiting to hear back from plaintiff’s counsel.”

Flentge fears other guests could fall victim. He adds, "And for what? Not wanting to replace a $50 cable?"